On the Polish market, our company is an undisputed leader in the sale of rotary mowers, disc mowers, flail mowers, tedders and rakes, wrappers, as well as municipal machines such as sweepers.

About what is currently happening in our company and what successes can we be proud of – will be told by the Chairman Karol Jaworski and Director of the Sales and Marketing Department – Adriana Grajczyk.

We established our first contact with the American market in 2014. Our representative office is located in the New York area. We chose this area due to its location close to ports and airports – which makes it much easier for us to coordinate all shipments. We deal with everything comprehensively from Borzytuchom – from loading to delivery to a dedicated address in the USA – the so-called door to door delivery. The products of the Talex company from Borzytuchom can now be purchased in several states. Our sales policy is based on building appropriately selected dealerships – with which we can support our customers locally. Sales in the US also take place through a dealer network, which consists of local, trusted representative points – interestingly, some of them being for over 70 years on the market. We were training salesmen from several such points during our trip to the USA in December. It was a fruitful trip that allowed us to practically prepare each team for the upcoming season. During the trainings we organize for our dealerships – we focus not only on commercial knowledge – covering the most important functions of the machine. Practical classes on the specific use of machines in the field are also extremely important to us. That is why our trip was also attended by service representatives and not only salesmen, says Adriana Grajczyk.

Only in 2021, more than 80 containers left Borzytuchom via the port in Gdynia, then via Antwerp, Rotterdam or Bremerhaven to several ports in the USA. The logistics and loading department can load about 24 mowers into one container. Main shipments to the USA are: ECO CUT 185 and ECO CUT 165 rotary mowers, ECO flail mowers, TORNADO tedders and SPRINTER 1500 self-loading wrappers with a fully automatic control system.

During these few days and the opportunity to work with people who sell our products in the USA,
The opinion I remember the most from one of them is that they are recognized and positively received in their state specifically for our products – due to its high quality and reliability . They are committed to each sale and sincerely recommend this product, which they use on their own farm – here our colleague Matt was talking about the TORNADO 550 Tedder – our Talex product, which comes off the production line practically every day. Involvement of our dealerships causes us to be also very motivated to act. These are the kind of dealerships we will be successively looking for for cooperation in 2022
– Adriana adds.

However, this is not the end of Talex’s conquests on distant American continents. During the publication of this article, more containers with mowers are arriving in South America – Peru, to be precise. In addition to distant markets, Talex mowers are also available in all European Union countries.

The largest sales markets in Europe, apart from Poland, are currently Germany, Austria, as well as Ireland and the United Kingdom. The goal for 2022 is to increase the sales volume by developing a network of dealerships and building partnerships with potential customers. Our expansion strategy in these countries is another step towards becoming one of the leaders in the sale of forage machines, adds Adriana Grajczyk.