Rotary Mower ECO CUT 2,10

New solutions, acquired experience and practical tips from our customers - allowed us to create a 2.1 metre drum mower – refined to the smallest detail. More than 45 thousand drum mowers sold around the globe shows that our brand is trusted by customers and meets the highest expectations.

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Hydraulic lift

Cylinder lock made out of steel with increased tensile strength. Thanks to the hydraulic cylinder, preparing the machine for transport or working position is much easier.

Reinforced 3-point hitch

Made from one, folded profile, eliminating elements which are susceptible to damage (i.e. welds). Equipped with adjustable pins of 2nd and 3rd category.


Characterized by increased resistance:

  • Metal cover - with additional safety barriers.
  • Canvas – certified, reinforced with a rubber collar along the bottom edge.

Breakback safty system

If the mower hits an obstacle, it swings back automatically.

Belt transmission

Drive is transmitted via 4 V-belt. Another safety feature is the overrun clutch on the PTO shaft.

Cutting-height adjustment

Thanks to the use of spacer rings on the plate, we can set the mower to the desired mowing height. The adjustment is possible in the range of 3.5 cm - 6 cm.

Technical data:

Working width [m]2,10
Power requirement [HP]from 70
Knife quantity8
PTO shaft speed540
Weight [kg]562
PTO shaft460 Nm L -860

Standard equipment:

  • PTO shaft 460 Nm L -860
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Metal cover with barries
  • Protective tarpaulin
  • Breakback safety device
  • Knife quick-change tool
  • Set of spare knives
  • Adjustable bottom link pins