Sweeper PROFI CLEAN 2,80

Ideal for restoring cleanliness on construction sites, industrial areas or roads. The large-diameter brush and the largest capacity waste tank available on the market make the machine ideal for use with machines with high hydraulic capacity. The sweeper is our response to the needs of modern farms.

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Sprinkling system

  • 250L water tank with external filter (12/24V)
  • Pressure pump (12/24 V)
  • Spray bar complete with flat nozzles
  • Reduction of dust emissions during operation
  • Side-brush mount option

Waste tank

  • Hydraulic version
  • Fuel tank capacity 660l
  • Includes a rubber edge protection - protects the tank against additional damage and against the leakage of the sweeping material to the outside
  • 3rd support wheel

Floating system

  • Allows the machine to work smoothly on uneven terrain
  • Provides perfect terrain profile copying
  • Prevents the machine from being pressed into the ground

Side brush 650 mm

  • Can be mounted on either side
  • Options: wire, polypropylene, MIX (polypropylene + wire)
  • Enables precise sweeping of hard-to reach areas
  • Safety device that lifts the brush when an obstacle is encountered
  • When buying the sweeper with sprinkling system, the side brush is also equipped with sprinkler nozzles

Hydraulic/Mechanical tilt system

Enables the sweeper to be set to the sweeping position to the right or left at 15°

Mounting for your loader/telehandler

  • We produce mounts for loaders and telehandlers, e.g Schaffer, JCB, CAT, Manitou, Volvo etc.

Brushes made of high-quality materials

  • Main brush: 660mm
  • Options: MIX, PPN

“EZ” System

Enables the sweeper to work with the tank raised and simultaneous sweeping, or snow removal to the right or left

Running wheels

  • Ø 250mm x 80mm with solid aluminium rims
  • Manually adjustable 3rd support wheel at the waste tank

Recommended for professionals!

The sweeper Profi Clean is a response to the needs of modern, dynamically developing agricultural farms and companies.

Technical data:

TypeProfi Clean 2,80
Sweeping width [m]2,8m
Type of working itemsSweeping roller + side brush
Speed of the sweeping roller [rpm]150
Waste tank capacity [l]600
Water tank capacity [l]250
Number of spray nozzles9+1
Main brush diameter [mm]660
Maximum hydraulic operating pressure [bar]160
Minimum oil requirement [l/min]80
Recommended sweeping speed [km/h]5
DriveExternal hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle
Sweeper weight without accessories [kg]850

Standard equipment:

  • Body with main brush
  • Any mounting
  • Floating system
  • Mechanical tilt system
  • Euro quick connector
  • Two gerotor hydraulic motors 14KW

Additional equipment:

  • Waste tank with 3rd support wheel
  • Side brush right (MIX or PPN)
  • Side brush left (MIX or PPN)
  • Sprinkling system - when buying the side brush - sprinkler nozzles also on the side brush
  • Hydraulic tilt system