Rotary mower ECO CUT 1,35M 1,65M 1,85M

The drum mowers have been manufactured by Talex for over 20 years. Many years of experience combined with high-quality materials have led to the creation of a machine which has gained recognition among farmers all over the world.

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  • Metal cover - extra-reinforced with a solid frame, streamlined shape prevents the gathering of waste on the surface
  • Canvas – certified, reinforced with a rubber collar along the bottom edge

Breakback safety system

If the mower hits an obstacle, it swings back automatically

Hydraulic lift

  • Possibility to equip the machine with a hydraulic lift to the transport position

Three-point hitch

One folded steel profile, which significantly increases hitch durability (unlike welded profiles)

Cutting-height adjustment

  • The cutting-height can be adjusted by spacer rings on the plate

Cutting unit

  • Gearwheel - ensures proper and trouble-free operation of the cutting unit
  • Bottom saucer - 5 mm thick, made out of wear resistant steel
  • Double row bearings - characterized by long life expectancy
  • Blade holders and knives - made of hardened steel (long model – 102mm)
  • Knife quick-change tool as standard
  • 8 holes on each plate – possibility to change position of holders

Technical data:

Working width [m]1,351,651,85
Power requirement [HP]254060
Knife quantity466
PTO speed [RPM]540540540
Weight [kg]300 349 410
Hitch categoryI/III/III/II
PTO SHAFT270 Nm*460 Nm*460 Nm*
*Machine without PTO as standard

Standard equipment:

  • Reinforced metal cover
  • Protective tarpaulin
  • Breakback device
  • Mechanical folding for transport position
  • Quick-change blade spanner
  • Box of spare blades
  • Adjustable lower-hitch pivot pins


  • Hydraulic lift
  • PTO shaft (135) 270 Nm, L-510
  • PTO shaft (165, 185) 460Nm, L-710