The minute we started working on our Sprinter 1500 bale wrapper, we brainstormed all of the most important aspects of such a project. We decided to gather information and make a reliable analysis.

We conducted a lot of meetings with both farmers and contractors using self-loading wrappers – practically all of them available on the market at that time. We have worked on a dozen or so of them ourselves.

After a few months – our heads were full of ideas, solutions and hints from customers… there was a lot of it! We felt excited 🙂

The time came when we sat down at the table and started to discuss what our wrapper should look like, what should it be equipped with and what solutions should we implement.
Thanks to the involvement of our team of engineers in this project under the leadership of our friend Arek and the watchful eye of Mariusz – the Purchasing Department Manager, we have created it – the Sprinter 1500 self-loading bale wrapper!

The whole #talexteam also had a lot to say here – many things were done together 🙂

In addition to the basics, like work speed or rich equipment, we also took extensive work statistics and ease of use into account, which will effect in pure pleasure to work the wrapper!

Have we succeeded? We already know that the answer is ‘’YES’’! 🙂

Today we will tell you a little about the automatic control system…

The SPRINTER 1500 bale wrapper comes with with a fully automatic control system, and the instinctive control box allows you to use many interesting functions.

Three work modes:


Selecting the “AUTO” mode allows you to perform all the movements of individual sections in one complete cycle after pressing the start button.


Choosing the “Semi-automatic” mode allows you to work the machine in two ways:

  • The first one, by pressing the selected control button, then the movement is automatic and after it is finished, it waits for the next signal. Individual sections (loading, wrapping etc.) are executed separately after pressing the corresponding button.
  • The second one, by holding down the selected control button. In this case, the movement is performed until the button is released. The machine stops at exact time of releasing your finger from the button.


In the “Manual” mode, all movements are controlled by the operator holding the button of given section. Removing your finger from the button ends all movement.
In this mode (option for advanced users), we can independently set the speed of the machine.

End of work?

Check what they say about you – work statistics!

We decided that work statistics are a necessary tool – and they should be comprehensive and transparent. Everyone wants to know the efficiency of their work – for themselves and their employees. Therefore, you can easily check everything in our bale wrapper.

Some of the statistics we have included:

  • Work time,
  • Number of cycles,
  • Number of bales wrapped,
  • Time until service.

Do you want to see our Sprinter 1500 wrapper at work?

Please contact our Sales Department!