Flail mower LEOPARD RB 1,60-2,00

The LEOPARD RB offset flail mower are designed for works related to the maintenance of municipal infrastructure, urban greenery and in orchards and wooded areas. Machines of this type are used for mowing grass, shredding tree branches, cutting weeds and bushes in undeveloped areas.

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Protective curtain

  • Prevent hazardous objects from being ejected from under the curtain
  • Ensure smooth outflow of the mown material

Pivoting arm position

  • Allows the whole machine to be extended beyond the tractor wheel on standard tyre settings

Metal bumper

  • Provides additional protection against obstacles

Working shaft

  • Equipped with flail hammers
  • The optimal diameter working shaft (159 mm), allows to use of more flails

Breakback safety system

  • the cutting section is tilted backwards when obstacle is hit


  • They provide additional control and protection

Maintenance-free pivot pins

  • The IGUS rotary bushes which do not need to be greased

Belt transmission

  • Drive is transmitted via 4 V-belts
  • Quiet work

Rear contour roller

  • Allows to follow ground contours perfectly
  • The rear roller allows cutting height adjustment by 2 cm to 8 cm


  • Additionally mulches the material

Reinforced three-point hitch

  • Reinforced - perfect for difficult conditions
  • Adjustable lower hitch pivot pins allows linking with various types of tractors

Flail hammers

Working shaft equipped with flail hammers

Technical data:

TypeLeopard RB 1,60Leopard RB 1,80Leopard RB 2,00
Working width1,60m1,802,00
Power demand [HP]7085100
Number of V-belts444
Number of flail hammers [pcs]242832
Operating range [degrees]+90*-56*+90*-56*+90*-56*
Working shaft diameter [mm]159159159
Working efficiency [ha/h]1,21,351,5
Weight [kg]800850900
PTO speed [rpm]540540540
Hitch categoryIIIIII
PTO shaft1500 Nm and 620 Nm1500 Nm and 620 Nm1500 Nm and 620 Nm

Standard equipment:

  • 2 PTO shafts (1500Nm wide-angle and 620Nm with a shear pin clutch)
  • Rear contour copying roller
  • Bolted shredding-blade
  • Protective curtain
  • Road signs
  • Working shaft with flail hammers