Last Thursday, February 3, 2022, we hosted dealers from all over Poland in our company. Our experts conducted training in the construction and properties of our whole machinery range.

Dealers could observe how our company manufactures and builds Talex machines in the following departments: assembly, paint shop, sales and production.

Specialists from individual departments presented various stages of manufacturing our machines.

In addition to getting to know our company, dealers had the opportunity to observe the work at the Lasertechnika company, with which we work closely – in effect, the production of our machines is carried out in accordance to the highest standards and the production process is significantly sped up.

The first part of the training included the presentation of all stages of machine production, while in the second part our dealers could personally see the end product and ask questions that our experts were happy to answer.

The training was aimed at improving the qualifications of dealers and their knowledge, so that they will be able to advise you and help pick a specific machine based on your needs.

After completing the training, dealers acquired the right to sell Talex agricultural and municipal machinery throughout Poland, which was also confirmed with a certificate.