The swath conditioner BOCIAN is a machine designed to speed up the drying process. Through the high-speed shaft, in which 8.5 mm tines are equipped, we obtain a raised, broken and aerated material with low humidity, at the same time arranged to any width through adjustable outlet flaps. BOCIAN 2.25 - the smaller brother of BOCIAN 2.75 - has been checked and tested by farmers from Scandinavian countries and Great Britain and turned out to be the most practical tedder that meets the requirements of today's milk producers.

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High-speed tedding shaft

  • Equipped with 8,5mm thick spring tines
  • 744mm diameter, 86 tines
  • Driven by a chain through a toothed wheel secured with a breakaway pin

Tines with protection

  • 8,5mm thick
  • They have protections that prevent broken or damaged springs from entering the swath

Reinforced construction

  • Durable, easy to use - the tedded material is not twisted, but evenly arranged - ready for further work

Swath adjustment

  • Adjustment of outlet flaps allows you to adjust the width of the roller to the width of the machine that participates in the next stage: baler, forage harvester or self-loading wagon


  • The swivel castor wheels allow height adjustment

Technical data:

TypeBOCIAN 2,75
Working width [mm]2750
Power demand [HP] ~70
Tines [pcs.] 86
Work shaft diameter [mm]744
Work shaft RPM 540
Efficiency [ha/h] 2,75
Working speed [km/h]8-10
Transport speed [km/h]up to 20
Mass [kg] 750
Height [mm]1140-1268
Hitch cat.II

Standard equipment

  • 460 Nm PTO shaft with one-way clutch and 900 Nm friction clutch
  • Protective flaps
  • Warning signage
  • Road wheels
  • Hydraulic headstock 25°
  • Adjustment of the width of the thrown mass
  • 3-point hitch
  • LED lights

Additional equipment: