The self-loading bale wrapper SPRINTER 1500 is a fully automatic machine designed for farmers with medium and large grasslands. The electronic command unit, practical construction and rich standard equipment make our SPRINTER wrapper series one of the most efficient bale wrappers available on the market today.

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Hydraulic cut and hold

  • Automatically cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale

Loading arm

  • Two bale catching positions: 1500 and 1200 mm
  • Possible to load the bale directly on to the table without stopping the tractor

Film dispenser

  • Designed for 500 mm or 750 mm wide film
  • Two knurled aluminum rollers which are geared together
  • Film Quick-Fit system
  • Holder for 3 additional rolls of foil

Road lights

Bale damper

  • Ensures smooth bale interception from the wrapping table and allows it to be gently placed on the ground
  • Equipped with an adjustable arm that allows you to place the bale in vertical or horizontal position on the ground

Wrapping table

  • Consists of a set of 4 heavy-duty belts which ensure proper wrapping of all bales, including irregular and loose shapes
  • Equipped with side bumpers to hold the bale in the correct position

Electronic control box

  • Provides fully automated work and supervision over all parameters of the wrapper
  • Three work modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual
  • Responsible for controlling the loading arm, wrapping table, film cut and hold system, bale unloading and damper
  • Easy access to the most important statistics, i.e. bale quantity, working time, programmed number of wraps

Technical data:

Loading typeSide loading
Length [mm]5610
Width [mm]Working position 3750/Transport position 2395
Height [mm]2620
Weight [kg]2060
Link typeTrailer-type hitch
Power requirement [kW]Above 35 (48 HP)
Wheel size350/50-16
Recommended hyd. pump efficiency [l/min]30
Required hydraulic pressure [MPa]16
Film dispenser [mm]750/500 as standard

Standard equipment: