Rotary Mower MINI 1,35

The 1.35-metre MINI and MINI-MINI mowers make the range of rotary mowers complete. A shorter design and reduced weight are their main advantages. They are ideal for maintaining urban greenery, orchards and small fields.

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Protective covers

  • Metal cover - reinforced, streamlined shape prevents the gathering of waste on the surface
  • Canvas tarpaulin - reinforced along the bottom edge with a rubber collar

Breakback safety system

If the mower hits an obstacle, it swings back automatically

Optimal weight and size

Compact size and weight - the machine is ideal for small compact tractors

Adjustable lower-hitch pivot pins

Belt transmission

  • Drive is transmitted via 4 V-belts
  • Freewheel clutch to protect the drive line

Quiet and stable work

Cutting-height adjustment

Thanks to the spacer rings on the support plate - we can easily adjust the cutting height to the needs

Three-point hitch

One folded steel profile - welded elements were eliminated

Technical data:

Typ MINI 1,35
Working width [m]1,35
Power requirement [HP]20
Number of blades 4
PTO speed [rpm]540
Weight [kg]280
PTO [Nm]270
*Mower without PTO shaft as standard

Standard equipment:

  • Metal cover
  • Protective tarpaulin
  • Breakback safety system
  • Mechanical folding for transport position
  • Quick-change blade spanner
  • Box of spare blades
  • Adjustable lower-hitch pivot pins


  • PTO shaft 270 Nm L510