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Powder coating with a professional paint line: Why invest?


For many years, our company has relied on powder coating with a professional paint line, and this is no coincidence. In today’s post, we would like to introduce you to some of the key reasons why we have opted for this innovative technology, and why we believe it is a choice definitely worth making.

The ability to thoroughly prepare the surface before painting: Blasting, washing, surface degreasing, passivation – this is actually the most important stage of the entire painting process! Precise cleaning of the parts ensures a flawlessly smooth surface. Our automated shot-blasting plant and washing system ensure degreasing and thorough rinsing, which is essential for a perfect result.

Possibility of using RAL colours: our professional paint line enables us to offer fully customised solutions for retail chains that order products under their own brand. We also cooperate with many well-known agricultural machinery manufacturers worldwide. This results in an extremely striking appearance for the machines, and the visual aspect is extremely important to each of us. Thanks to automated technology, we guarantee the accuracy, quality and repeatability of all processes.

Corrosion protection: This is one of the key aspects for our customers. Our coating is resistant to external influence, ensuring that the machines last for many years.

Ecology: We are committed to caring for the environment. Reducing material losses during the application of powder coating has a significant impact on the environment and has a positive effect on the operation of our company. Powder coatings do not require additional harmful solvents, are approved for food contact and are completely safe for people and the environment.

Top quality and proven solutions: In our company, we rely exclusively on modern and proven spray booths. Modern and automated equipment ensures that the elements painted by us are of a high quality and long-lasting.

It is worth noting that our company takes care of every stage of the powder coating process, which guarantees not only a perfect visual effect, but also durability and customer satisfaction.

Our professional paint line is not only an investment in quality, but also in ecology and the future.