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Recently, a new machine has appeared in our offer: Bocian 2.75 m. This is another swath conditioner in our offer.

You can see technical data and photos by clicking on this link.

As we can read there, the design of the machine is based on the smaller model Bocian 2.25.

” BOCIAN 2.25 – the smaller brother of BOCIAN 2.75 – has been checked and tested by farmers from Scandinavian countries and Great Britain and turned out to be the most practical tedder meeting the requirements of today’s milk producers.”

The machine is designed to accelerate the drying of mowed grass. It uses a high-speed chain-driven shaft for this. The shaft has been equipped with tines with a thickness of 8.5 mm

Thanks to the operation of this machine, we obtain a raised, broken and aerated material with low humidity, which can be arranged to any width using the outlet flaps. Width ranges from 73 to 156cm or even 279cm when the machine is fully lifted on the wheels.

In order to receive an offer or arrange tests, please contact us, you can do it via the form available here. We’ll help you find a dealer in your area!