Light flail mower ECO HYDRO 1,50

A lightweight flail mower designed for mowing orchards, squares, sports fields and roadsides. Perfect for wheel loaders.

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Hydraulic motor

Two types of motors to choose from, depending on the oil flow of the carrier vehicle

  • 32l/ min
  • 40l/ min


  • Protect the machine when riding over obstacle
  • They significantly extend the service life of the machine.

Relief system

  • The use of spring system extends the life of the machine.

Brackets (hitch)

  • Hooks are bolted on to the bracket

Floating system

  • Ensure smooth movement

Adjustable wheels

  • Better terrain copying

Copying shaft

  • Guarantees machine stability during work

Working shaft equipped with flail hammers

Technical Data:

Mower typeECO HYDRO 1,50
Mowing width [mm]1500
Power demand [kW] 15
Working shafts number [pcs] 1
Number of flails [pcs]24
Number of knives [pcs]48
Mowing height adjustable, as set by the operator
Working shaft rotational speed [RPM]1800÷2200
Efficiency [ha/h]0,75
Working speed [km/h] 3-5
Transport speed [km/h] up to 20
Max. hydraulic pressure [bar/MPa]160/16
Oil flow [l/min]30
Hydraulic socketsCompliant with ISO 7421-1
Oil typeSUPER UDT, API GL-4+
Mass [kg]415
Length [mm]1320
Width [mm]1792
Height [mm]820

Standard equipment:

  • Working shaft equipped with flail hammers
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Adjustable wheels
  • Spring relief system

Additional equipment:

  • Any brackets for wheel loaders
  • Hydraulic motor 32l/min
  • Hydraulic motor 40l/min