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How to replace the knives on a FAST CUT 3,00 front disc mower?


Replacing the blades on your Fast Cut 3.00 disc mower may seem like a complicated task, but don’t worry – this step-by-step guide will help you get the job done quickly and safely. With our practical tips, you’ll be able to keep your machine in top condition. We also recommend that you read the operators manual provided by the manufacturer. Let’s get started!

Location of the spanner key and spare knife set on the disc mower:

Make sure you have access to all the necessary tools before starting to replace the knives. The knife replacement key is located on the front of the machine. In addition, the spare knife set is located in the suspension frame, behind a plastic cover. Check that everything is in place before you start changing knives.

Lifting the front flap on the TALEX disc mower:

To access the cutter bar, lift the front flap of the machine. Make sure you have adequate lighting to see everything clearly. Safety is a priority, so make sure the machine is switched off before moving on.

Removing old knives and preparing new knives on the Fast Cut 300 disc mower:

Use the included spanner to remove the old knives. To do this, place the key under one side of the disc, holding the key in an upward position. Make sure the bottom of the key is placed against the cutter bar. Then, pull the spanner down, using leverage to release the knife from the holder. Do this on both sides of the disc. Prepare the new blades, remembering that each blade has a specific direction that must be maintained (left or right). Make sure to keep the same configuration – this is important for the effective operation of the mower. Replacing the knives is also the perfect time to clean the cutter bar area of any debris.

Installing new knives on a TALEX disc mower:

Align the hole in new knives with the pin on the knife holder an secure it, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for mounting direction. Ensure that the knives are correctly seated and held firmly. Carefully check each knife to ensure there is no play or irregularity in the installed configuration.

Replacing the blades on your Fast Cut 300 disc mower can be quick and easy if you follow the guide above. Remember to maintain your machine regularly, which will keep it running smoothly for many seasons.

Knowing the location of the key, the correct preparation and installation of the new blades and carrying out a short test after replacement will make keeping your mower in top condition simple and effective.