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How to adjust the Eco Clean sweeper for angle sweeping?


Thanks to the simple conversion steps of the Eco Clean sweeper with waste tank, you can make the most of its potential.

Removing the waste tank:

The first step is to remove the waste tank from the sweeper. This is a separate component that can be easily removed, usually by removing a few bolts and disconnecting the relevant hydraulic connectors. Make sure the tank is empty before starting this step.

Removing the bolts and disconnecting the hydraulic components:

To access the sweeper mechanism, unscrew the bolts holding it in place. Remove the pins and disconnect the hydraulic lines, taking care not to damage them in the process.

Removing the pin and lifting the brush:

With the hydraulic components disconnected, remove the pin holding the brush. Then lift the brush upwards to lock it in this position. This step is crucial to freely access the mechanism and carry out the next steps.

Disconnecting the power source:

Change the lever position on the hydraulic block from OPEN to CLOSED. This will disconnect the side brush completely from the power source. This is important for safety, but will also make subsequent modifications easier.

Adjusting the working angle:

The final step is to adjust the working angle of the sweeper to suit your needs. Using the lever or mechanism responsible for turning, set the working angle. You can turn left or right by 15 degrees, allowing you to optimise the sweeper’s operation depending on the terrain conditions.


With the removal of the waste tank, your sweeper becomes not only an effective cleaning equipment, but also an excellent snow clearing machine. With this modification, you can effectively deal with winter conditions by keeping your area clean. With this step-by-step guide, you can carry out these modifications yourself. Remember, however, that it’s always a good idea to read your sweeper’s instruction manual before starting work, to ensure that everything is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.