Grass swather BOCIAN 2,25

THREE-POINT HITCH, WHEELS, ADJUSTABLE DEFLECTORS FOR SWATH WIDTH AND POSITION STANDARD EQUIPMENT The BOCIAN is a machine designed to speed up the drying process. Thanks to the high speed and high-volume reel, it is fitted with 6 rows of 8.5-mm thick sprung rake fingers, the crop is aerated to reduce moisture content, the crop is laid in windrows of various widths through adjustable outlet flaps. The BOCIAN has been tried and tested by farmers in Scandinavia and the UK and has proven to be a very practical swather that meets the requirements of today’s farmers, it is also a superb straw drying machine with very light handling of the crop.

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High-speed swather rotor

  • 8.5 mm tine diameter
  • Diameter 606mm, 70 tines
  • Chain-driven, which eliminates possible slippage of V-belts, allows even aeration of straw

Sprung rake tines

  • 8.5mm thick
  • With safety mountings that prevent broken or damaged springs from ending up in the swath

Reinforced machine structure

  • Robust, simple and easy to operate - the swath is not twisted, but evenly prepared for further work


Enable stable operation of the main rotor

Swath adjustment

Adjustable crop deflectors allow the width of the swath to be adjusted to the width of the next-stage machine


Height adjustment and swivelling

Technical data:

TypBOCIAN 2,25
Working width [m]2,25
Power requirement [HP]75
Number of tines [pcs]70
PTO speed [rpm]540
Weight [kg]591

Standard equipment:

  • PTO shaft 460NM L-1300, one waz clutch + 900NM friction clutch
  • Reflective triangles
  • Adjustable crop deflectors
  • Three-point hitch