Front and Rear Mounted Flail Mower TIGER 3,00

TIGER - PROFI LINE Series Heavy Class Rear and Front Mounted flail mower with hydraulic offset – Machine designed for mulching uncultivated land, grassland and harvest residue such as maize or sunflower stalks. The ability to be mounted on the front as well as the rear of the tractor makes it a versatile mulcher for maintaining land and green areas. This allows the operator to adapt the machine to specific needs and field conditions. This machine, when used on the front three-point hitch and in combination with the rear offset flail mower, allows for a larger area to be managed, cuts costs and working time. Two rows of replaceable counter-knives improve the quality of shredding the material to leave a fine finish. Hydraulic side-shift feature helps manoeuvring and avoiding obstacles on the field.

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  • Category II three-point hitch
  • Double-sided hitch with floating system and interchangeable top link
  • Maintenance-free self-lubricating bushings ensure smooth operation


  • 219mm shaft equipped with heavy duty flail hammers
  • Mounted on double-row barrel bearings
  • Electronically balanced for zero-play


  • Self-cleaning via special cleaning strip
  • Does not squeeze down the mown material
  • Simple working height adjustment (4 settings)
  • Increases stability during work


  • Protect the machine against damage
  • Extend machine lifetime


  • Equipped with built-in clutch


  • Transmits the drive via 5 V-belts
  • Automatic V-belt tensioning system
  • Heavy duty V-belts with anti-stretch system
  • Extra-durable v-belts with increased anti-stretch durability
  • V-belt cover with inspection hole
  • V-belt cooling system


  • Adjustment from tractors cabin
  • 500mm range
  • Easy to manoeuvre and avoid obstacles


  • Double skinned body with replaceable inner skin (3mm + 4mm)
  • Cover with rubber curtain


  • Special shape of replaceable counter-knives mounted on two opposite rows improves the mulching effect and leave a fine finish

Technical data:

Machine type:Front and Rear Mounted Flail Mower TIGER 3,00
Working width [m]2,8
Minimum power demand [HP]120
Weight [kg]1160
Efficiency [ha/h]2,8
Number of Flails [pcs]40
Hitch categoryII
PTO Shaft [Nm]1000
Working shaft diameter [mm]219
PTO RPM 1000
Number of counter blades 6 pieces in 2 rows
Number of V-belts [pcs]5

Standard equipment:

  • 1000 Nm PTO shaft
  • Working shaft with spiral - mounted flails
  • One-way clutch built into the gearbox
  • Double skinned body with replaceable inner skin (3mm + 4mm)
  • Automatic belt tensioning system
  • Working height adjustment set by contour roller