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Employee development as a key to company success – TALEX at the conference in Bytow


Employee Development as a Key to Company Success – TALEX at the Conference in Bytow

On October 25th 2023, we had the opportunity to participate in the conference “Employee Development as the Key to Company Success” organized by the Bytow District Employment Agency. This unique event brought together businessmen of the Bytow district and created an inspiring forum for exchanging good practices in organizing employee training. In addition, during the conference, the representatives of the Bytow District Employment Agency introduced us to the possibilities of obtaining financing for training within the programs implemented by the agency.

The conference was an opportunity for us to share our experience in organizing trainings. At the forum of entrepreneurs of our region we presented the advantages of investing in the development of employees, emphasizing that this is an added value not only for them, but also for the whole team we create. As a modern company, we believe that investing in people is a key element of a company’s success.

When implementing training plans for our employees, we focus on creating optimal, safe working conditions and supporting their personal development by improving their skills.

One of the most valuable elements of the conference was the opportunity to learn about various training funding programs offered by the Employment Agency. We learned about specific cases of companies that have benefited from these programs and have successfully invested in the development of their teams.

The meeting not only provided us with valuable information, but also an excellent opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs from our region. Sharing our experiences enriched our knowledge and opened new perspectives.

We are convinced that thanks to the active participation in the conference, our company has not only gained a new perspective on the strategy of employee development, but also inspiration for the implementation of innovative solutions.

We thank the Bytow District Employment Agency for organizing this important event and for the opportunity to share our experience. We are ready to continue our mission of creating a working environment where the development of employees is crucial for the success of the entire company.

We would also like to emphasize that the lecture we presented was prepared by Mieszko Szczepanski and Monika Zielonka, who regularly represent us at such events, thanks to which our company actively participates in promoting the idea of employee development.