Disc Mower OPTI CUT 2,20M 2,60M 3,00M 3,20M

The OPTI CUT rear-mount series disc mowers are designed for mowing forage grasses and leguminous crops. We manufacture various sized machines that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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Spring-based suspension system

Springs take off the pressure of the cutter bar on the ground, extending its life

  • Increases the range of terrain copying
  • Infinitely adjustable ground pressure

Folding front guard

Easy access to the cutter bar for blade change or maintenance

  • The machine comes with metal safety barriers and a material cover reinforced with a rubber collar

Comer cutter bar with SAFETY DEVICE

  • Hardened cutting blades
  • Blade holders made of hardened boron steel,
  • Quick and easy blade change

Disc with protection device

each disc is protected by a shear pin protection device - upon collision, the disc is disabled from the drive system

  • In case of damage, it is not necessary to replace the wholecutter bar

Breakback safety system

If an obstacle is hit, the cutting bar will swing backwards by 15 degrees

Three-point hitch

  • One folded profile, which significantly increases hitch durability
  • Extra-reinforced with struts, cat. 2 and 3 suspension

Belt transmission

Drive is transmitted via 4 V-belts

Hydraulic folding cylinder

Allows for easy manoeuvring on headlands and transport of the machine

Technical Data:

Working width [m]2,22,63,03,2
Power requirement [HP]60708080
Number of blades 10121416
PTO speed [rpm]540540540540
Weight [kg]560597655610
PTO [Nm]460460460460
Working efficiency [ha/h]2,63,13,753,5
Hitch categoryII and IIIII and IIIII and IIIII and III

Standard equipment:

  • PTO shaft 460Nm
  • Comer cutting bar wit SAFETY DEVICE
  • Front guards made of tubular profile
  • Protective tarpaulin
  • Quick-change blade spanner
  • Spring-based suspension system
  • Adjustable lower hitch pivot pins
  • Breakback safety system


  • Swath wheels
  • Hardened topping skids