Rotary rakes Spyder 3,60-4,20

For the rotary rakes, we have created a number of unique and practical solutions which allow you to work faster while maintaining the highest standard of raking. The machine is stable at headlands or on slopes and is equipped with foldable arms. Grass fodder, raked up into even, fluffy rows - will become wholesome and healthy food for your animals, thanks to proper air circulation and exposure to sunlight.

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Tandem suspension

It allows the rotor to float over any terrain, following the contours on the field


    • Made of a 80x80 box profile
    • Compact and rigid structure

    Support wheel

    Allows for perfect terrain contour copying. It is standard equipment of the machine.

      Steering system

      • A system of two rods allowing smooth angle operation of the hitch, up to 20° left/right
      • They lock the steering pivot during transport

      Raking height adjustment

      Mechanical adjustment allows precise positioning of tines

        Windrow-crop deflector

        • provides adjustment of windrow width in 5 different positions
        • a canvas apron is high quality, additionally stiffened with 6 sprung supports

        Folded arms

        • Quick and easy operation with a simple locking pin
        • Model 360: 9 arms, 4 of which can be folded for transport, each arm is fitted with 3 rake tines
        • Model 420: 11 arms, 6 of which can be folded for transport, each arm is fitted with 4 rake tines

        Transmission manufactured by reputable manufacturers

          Technical Data:

          TypeSpyder 360Spyder 420
          Working width3,60m4,20m
          PTO speed [rpm]540540
          Weight570 kg630 kg
          Tines per arm34
          Carousel diameter2,7 m3,3 m
          Transport width1,8 m2,3 m
          Transport height2,35 m2,7 m
          Transport length3,8 m4,0 m

          Standard equipment:

          • PTO shaft 270 Nm with M34 ratchet clutch
          • Support wheel
          • Crop deflector sheet
          • Mechanical adjustment of raking height
          • Floating beam (tandem) chasis
          • Folded arms
          • Support jack